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FREE DIY Dog Waste Bag Holder Pattern

FREE DIY Dog Waste Bag Holder Pattern made from leather with photos and instructions.

Hi there and welcome! I get all my best ideas from inspiration from my friends. Such as, do you think you could make this.......insert screenshot of, well, anything!

So, when I got a screenshot of a doggie sh*t bag holder, I said sure. I scoured the internet and there were a lot of patterns but for holders made of fabric. So I said, pattern Gods, hold my beer and the following is what came out! 

I took a general Dopp kit pattern (shrunk it obvs) and assembly approach. You can see it below with all of my measurements. I'm in Canada, we use the metric system. I hand punched the holes and then hand sewed, but a machine could definitely be used too. You do you baby!

Supplies needed:

  1. 15x13cm piece of leather
  2. Scissors or Rotary Cutter
  3. 10mm hollow punch and 10mm grommet
  4. Snap, snap setter, hollow punch to fit 
  5. lobster clasp or other clasp with 2cm wide ring
  6. Maul or mallet
  7. Leather punches or sewing machine
  8. Thread and needles if hand sewing 
  9. Little roll of dog poop bags 

To sum this up; the rectangle is 15cm X 13cm, the notches are 2cm X 2 cm, and the side lengths are 3cm, 5cm and 3 cm. Grommet hole is directly in the centre and the snap hole is in the centre of one of the side pieces.

DIY Dog Waste Bag Holder Pattern

If you've ever made a Dopp kit, it is exactly the same instructions, except I'm using a flap and snap enclosure and not a zipper. I look for simple and easy!

My step 1: Cut out pattern pieces. I forgot to take a photo of the straps but I think you get the picture. My grommets are 10mm so the hole in the middle matches and the bottom snap hole will be whatever size you need for the snaps you choose. 

note: the holes on the enclosure strap are just a little offset to account for it going around the body of the bag. 

 Dog Waste Bag Pattern

Step 2: Attach the grommet, snaps, and sew on the enclosure strap. I like to hand sew a double stitch seam, just to keep it sturdy AND it looks cool.

Step 3:

IMPORTANT: Make sure you sew in the lobster clasp strap into one end! I forgot this a few times already and I've only made 7 of these. Not great odds for me. The seam allowance I used is approximately 5mm.

Dog Waste Bag Holder

The other side... 


Step 4:

I use a hand press to punch most of the holes in my projects. Easier on the hands and the ears! With this one, I always try to punch holes through the previous seam so that it lays nice and flat. Sew up the 4 remaining sides of the bag.

Once those 4 sides are done, you will have something that looks a little bit like this:

Step 5:

Birth the little bag and use a bone folder, your finger, a screwdriver or a pen, or anything else you have handy to gently press out each corner.

And there you have it! Easy, simple, and it takes very little time! Now you and your pooch can look fashionable doing your doody and picking up the waste.

Dog Waste Bag Holder

Here's a shameless plug of my nerdy Border Collie Luke modelling this little bag!

Have fun! If you make one, tag us on instagram We'd love to see your pooches and creations!


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